Expired Mastery 101

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Join me as I share you the exact scripts, objection handlers and prospecting system I use to take expired listings in a very tough New York market.

Each lesson covers a new objection or mindset to get you the results you have always wanted when calling expireds.  Once you join the course, all the lessons, videos, scripts, and extra materials are yours for life. There are parts of this program I sell alone from the package for $150, and it’s included in Expired Mastery 101.

In Expired Mastery 101 You Will Master:

  1. Time-blocking & Mindset
  2. Scripts & Objections
  3. Follow Up & Pre-listing Qualification
  4. The Listing Consultation

What is Included in the Course:

  1. 17 Video & Script Lessons 
  2. Downloadable Crib Sheets 
  3. Downloadable Expired Scripts
  4. **Bonus – My Personal 150 Point Marketing Plan**

Sign Up For Expired Mastery 101 Now!  

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